Advantage of this Heater
Heater against the Explosion, did not need to a safety valve did not need to re-spindles, which

Solve the problem of weak flow of water in the roles of senior and supplements.

Innovative step:
The process of elongation of the cold water entering the pipeline until the pipeline is equal to the rise in warm water and then bending down the pipe with a hole at a small angle region for the purpose of entering the air in the pipe to prevent water
back to back and not unloaded at the end of Geyser water from the source .

explain the Drawings for the attached pic :
1 - out of hot water
2 - column magnesium
3 - Hetr
4 - body
5 - enter the hot water
6 - small aperture
7 - cold water pipe
8 - cold water pipe
9 - out cold water
10 - enter the cold water

new patent in the development of a normal water heater, the owner wants the invention is invested with the participation of others or the sale of intellectual property rights.

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