Immediate heater

1. It is used for water heating purposes and installed in the normal place of water heater.
2. It covers two - to - three points in one time. It can be used in schools and mosques Continual and Immediate heating, whatever how long it is used. This advantage makes it superior to any other central heaters.
3. Predetermined control via thermostat. Immediate easy gradual control through opening the tap during usage.
4. It does not burst because there is no valve to prevent the water to its source when water heat increased than normal.
5. Non-corrosive because of its guaranteed raw material and because there no water kept inside it.
6. lt works through lowest pressure due to width of water tunnel and water valve, which reduces water pressure.
7. Secured against high temperature hazards, particularly with children.
8. It works without mixer. Time and water consumption saving when balancing water.
9. It is designed to cope with local environmental conditions in order not affect water pressure nor be affected by water pressure.
10. Economized Electricity consumption since it will not be used in any other time than usage time only
11. Economized water consumption since heat is gradually increased as water flow decreases.
12. Economized space occupancy due to its small size (20x40x7 em)

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